Black Widow's vague response is supposedly only there to throw viewers off the scent, something the Russosadmittedthey were guilty of while promotingInfinity War. A Redditor claiming to have connections with "a reliable source" has reportedly been told that the second Spider-Man solo outing will open with Peter Parker mourning the loss of Mr. Stark. "He is a living container and would be able to contain a massive energy source in his arc reactor outlet. 2023 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Loki wont premiere until sometime next year, which explains why we have so little footage from the Disney+ series. Those two are Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Visions kids, who will appear in the show. Bettany did say in a recent interview that hed love to continue in the MCU. Fans should always question the authenticity of leaks, no matter how legit they may seem at first glance. The parts we see of Shaun in the films first act are real and authentic, but theyre not showing the whole picture. And until then, well be keeping an eye out for any more leaks, rumors, and fan theories worth sharing. Endgamebecame the most anticipated superhero movie of all time when the credits finished rolling on 2018'sInfinity War, a film that left viewers with more questions than answers. A spoiler 60 years in the making. His whereabouts became a mystery, but we now know exactly where he ended up. "Pepper and Tony have had a real long journey together," Paltrow said. She briefly donned Iron Man'sRescue ArmorinIron Man 3whenshe came to his aid during theattackon his Malibu mansion, and Paltrow's Instagram feed suggests that she will do the same in the upcomingPhase Threecloser. But what business would they, or any of the Eternals have in Endgame? Marvels first unexpected revelation about its Disney+ shows came earlier this year when it revealed WandaVision will hit Disney+ in fall 2020 rather than next spring. Toggle the table of contents Toggle the table of contents. ", The poster claims that Stark will be able to contain and utilize the Infinity Stones with his arc reactor, but will die using them to defeat Thanos. But after the leak, the WandaVision reviewers who got to see the first three episodes said they were all 30-minutes long. MovieWeb sources claim that Langford has already finished all of her filming for the movie, suggesting that she was brought on board in a relatively minor role and did what she needed to do during the September 2018 reshoots. 37 4chan press page. One of the biggest surprises inAvengers: Infinity Warwas the return of Red Skull, and it appears as though its upcoming sequel will bring anotherCaptain Americavillain back with a bang. Foster (who brieflybecameThor in Marvel comics) isone ofthe world's leadingastrophysicists, so her skill set would certainly come in handy duringEndgame. Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is America's first technological research university. But how can Loki hop through time without having access to actual time-traveling suits and Pym particles? "He's not done yet," the co-director said. We know that Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next year, and rumors say shell be the surprise villain of the film. You are a product of all who came before you, Ying Nan tells him, urging Shang-Chi to reconcile the conflicting sides of his past. Over the past year, weve seen all sorts of exciting rumors detailing WandaVision, giving us an idea of how exciting the show will be. Thanos finds out about their plans and becomes hellbent on stopping them. Speaking to theUFC Unfilteredpodcast (via The Hollywood Reporter) in October 2018, Crossbones actor Frank Grillo revealed that the deadly assassin and HYDRA agent was going to be making an appearance inAvengers 4, but how is this possible? Since then, action figures featuring these matching suits have been appearing in stores all around the world, suggesting that they are indeed real. A 2020 report categorized about 36% of news sources frequently posted to the board by American users as "junk news", a category that includes sources considered to be propaganda, sensationalist, or conspiracy theory content. Marvel threw a curveball during theEndgametrailerby having Shuri's face flash up on one of Bruce Banner's monitors, implying that she was lost during the Decimation. It's hard to see Earth's Mightiest Heroes joining forces with Thanos after all he's done, but Gillan is all for staying true to the source material. Honest news coverage, reviews, and opinions since 2006. He's quite clearly in Japan, but what business does Barton have in the country's neon-lit capital? Easy-peasy." Also, the clip teases Wandas Scarlett Witchs costume. The leaker took to 4chan a few days ago to list details about all of Phase 4 shows currently in the works, saying that he or she happens to know a few "great people" with knowledge of Marvel's. Nebula (Karen Gillan) has been on the periphery of events so far, but the daughter of Thanos could turn out to be a crucial player in Avengers 4, with her arc potentially coming full circle. ScreenRantis dead set against it, claiming that having a break in the middle of the theatrical release is a "very bad idea" that could potentially hurt the movie's overall box office. Marvel has changed since then, however, and so has Portman's stance. It's here that he learns how to fight with swords and becomes known as Ronin (a Japanese term for a wandering samurai with no master). It was started in 2003 by "moot" also known as Christopher Poole, who was 15 years old at the time. 4chan 4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously. When Frank Grillo dropped his big Crossbones spoiler during his interview onUFC Unfiltered(viaThe Hollywood Reporter), people began to react to the news that Crossbones was back, but not everyone picked up on the potentially critical language that he used. If this leaker is to be believed, a similar scene awaits fans of. In November 2018, Joe Russo told the Associated Press (viaUSA Today)that we haven't seen the last of Evans as the Star-Spangled Avenger. The clip shows us Sam (Anthony Mackie) training with the new Captain America shield, and we see Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in action as well. Navigating the press can be tricky when you're a Marvel star. The Marvels has a release date set for July 28th as the final MCU film of the year. She started out hating adopted sister Gamora, but they reconciled before she was killed by their so-called father in Infinity War. "Hulk's subplot centers on Banner and Hulk finally merging to become Professor Hulk. For Shang-Chi, that means accepting his father, his family, his past, and himself. Neither option is an attractive one, but according to ComingSoonmovie critic Alan Cerny, the studio is considering taking steps to avoid this scenario. The leaker took to 4chan a few days ago to list details about all of Phase 4 shows currently in the works, saying that he or she happens to know a few great people with knowledge of Marvels plans. When he faced off against Rogers inCaptain America: Civil War, however, it changed everything. The fact that Grillo (perhaps best known for his starring role inThe Purge: Anarchy outside of his Marvel movies) described the scene in question as a flashback speaks volumes, as most of the rumormongers and theory crafters have been working on the assumption that time travel will be involved inAvengers 4. In its last proper scene, barring the post-credits sequence, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings finds Shang-Chi and Katy recounting their experiences to a pair of friends, who are skeptical until Wong (Benedict Wong) appears and beckons Shang-Chi and Katy through a portal. You are the product of all who came before you. Here's what happens at the end of 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,' and what it all means. But throughout Legend of the Ten Rings, Shauns journey forces him to bring the two sides of himself (Shaun and Shang-Chi) together. Grillo might have simply used "flashback" for want of a better word, but it does raise an interesting question what if there isn't much (if any) time travel and the scenes from the past are being revisited via Tony Stark's B.A.R.F technology? Marvel Comics The 4chan user is referencing the infamous cantina scene from the original Star Wars, a hive of scum and villainy. "Langford has filmed scenes for the currentlyuntitled Avengers 4,"The Hollywood Reporterconfirmed. All Avengers 4 Rumors And Spoilers Leaked So Far. I don't know how they're bringing me back, yeah but somehow I'm going to make it because, as far as I know, I am going to be in Guardians 3, so I have to be back." Along with the films mid-credits scene, this scene serves largely as a way to set up the duos futures in the MCU. "A lifetime ago, I too sought the stones," Schmidt tells the Mad Titan. "I got a lot of texts saying, 'I can't believe you're dead, your character is dead,'" Drax actor Dave Bautista said (via MovieWeb). Victor Timely and Marvel In the comics, Victor Timely is a not-so-subtle pseudonym taken on by. Interestingly, Peters played Quicksilver in Foxs X-Men films that Disney now owns. In October 2018, TheWrap exclusively revealedthat 13 Reasons Whystar Katherine Langford had joined the cast of the upcoming Avengerssequel in a mystery role, and various other media outlets quickly backed the story up. The fact that Janet van Dyne conveniently warned Lang about time vortexes before he entered the Quantum Realm sparked rumors that these previously unmentioned portals would play a big role inEndgame, and the first trailer strengthened that theory considerably. ComicBook.comdeclared them bogus based on the irregular body proportions, but if that's true then these mock-ups must have at least been based on a real leak, and here's why. The brief trailer above shows us many scenes from the sitcom aspect of the series. "You may recall in the [Infinity War] movie how Thanos told Thor 'You should have aimed for the head' when they were in a battle, and we can't help but think there could be some connection there with this story," SyFysaid. Supposedly, the first three episodes have the vibe of a 60s TV show, and well get to see Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) forming the couple they always wished they could be. A previous scene teases a pregnant Wanda as well. Click the "Reply" link next to the first comment or image that appears in any post. "For the first three screenings, not a single person got up to go to the bathroom.". Marvel had to reshuffle its launch calendar in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and thats how WandaVision became the first title of Phase 4, replacing Black Widow. Rhodey was one of the heroes who survived the Mad Titan's mass genocide, and now it appears as though he'll be among those who rally against the villain inEndgame and he'll apparently be doing so in some badass new armor. The same person listed the purported Avengers 5 release date, the title of Spider-Man 3, and revealed other details about Black Panther 2 and future Avengers cameos and crossovers. I'm 117 years old." Marvel approved a script turned in by Matthew and Ryan Firpo and the studio chose Chloe Zhao to direct (via The Hollywood Reporter), with a 2020 release date being touted. The leaker also claimed that Black Widow is heading to Disney+. Instead, he deems himself unworthy of the inner peace and love that fueled his mother, resolving to kill his father. He began writing professionally in 2005 and his articles regularly appear on and After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you may think the Marvel Cinematic Universe had found its Mister Fantastic, but a new leak could reveal someone even better for the Fantastic Four starring role. Four Channels is an imageboard website more commonly known as "4chan." 4chan's format is that of a message board, mostly centred around the posting of discussions and images, and it uses the standard BBCode tags to format text in posts. I love intermissions. Shang-Chi is subsequently forced to spend a night in his fathers mountain compound, where his mother was murdered and his father trained him as an assassin. This is 4chan's entry in an something that purports to be an encyclopedia not 4chan's own wiki. You are a product of all who came before you.. Makes the movies that have them feel very epic. The second season wasn't received anywhere near as positively, but the streaming service knows a star in the making when it sees one. Live From the Red Carpet (via ComicBook) that being sacrificed by her father/abductor Thanos felt like a "see you later" rather than a formal goodbye. Pictures of Chris Evans on set in the suit he wore inThe Avengershave been circulating online since early 2018, courtesy ofJust Jared. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) supposedly has a prominent role, and she will be getting her powers sometime in the show. The new Loki is one of the last remaining mysteries from Endgame, of course. Subscribe for free to Inverses award-winning daily newsletter! The most exciting Phase 4 spoiler, however, concerns the second TV series that Marvel confirmed will tie into Doctor Strange 2, thus confirming that the God of Mischief will come in contact. Thor: The Dark Worldis generally considered one of the worst MCU moviesto date, but according to a popular newAvengers 4theory this seemingly inconsequential installment was actually far more important than we initially realized. Common /pol/ content involves discussion of history, far-right ideologies, hatred of black people, and current news. Hot on the heels of Frank Grillo revealing that Crossbones was going to be appearing in a flashback duringAvengers 4,Michael Grillo (an executive producer on Ant-ManandAvengers: Infinity War) dropped another huge character spoiler. Image: Marvel Studios. The truth is they already have a player in the game Thanos is an Eternal, though he possesses the Deviant gene, making him an outcast among his kind. Site Info - "His sacrifice would complete his arc of atonement.". According to the Russo Brothers, he is, and his hunt for the Infinity Stones might not be over. Launched by Christopher "moot" Poole in October 2003, the site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, cooking, weapons, television, music, literature, history, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. It seems as though Banner will finally figure out how to co-exist with the Hulk, and in doing so he becomes Professor Hulk. These key plot points are called spoilers--so named because they spoil the surprise for users who have not yet experienced the film, game or book. At least, that's what a recent leak detailing the supposed plot of the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming suggests. The effect of the black background combined with black text renders the "spoilers" unreadable unless you place your cursor over the text or highlight it. The movie revolves around the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man." ElephantErik's post (which has been upvoted over a thousand times) claims that Stark doesn't need to create a new Infinity Gauntlet, as he's essentially a living one. His plan to wipe out humanity was foiled inAvengers: Age of Ultron, but there have been some subtle signs that Tony Stark's AI-gone-wrong isn't done just yet. One of the things about the leaked image that really stands out is the fact that Hulk is wearing clothing. , there may have been a hint that this is indeed the case during. Saying it would be "amazing" if the movies were to follow that same arc, she added, "I don't know yet very big secret. The villain-turned-farmer is once again clad in armor in one image, and we get a good look at his new sword in another. "Character details were not available, and Marvel Studios had no comment." 'Venom 3' Is Coming Sooner Than You Think, Tom Hardy Reveals, 'Deadpool 3' May Be Even More Important Than Fans Think, New Report Hints, 'Quantumania's Disney+ Release Date May Be Sooner Than You Think. On top of this scene with Crossbones, we know that the Avengers will be revisiting theBattle of New York from the first movie, another pivotal moment for Cap and crew.